I am a visual artist and I work in digital Media. 


My works are transdimensional and reflects our hybrid reality, as a state of transition. We are still not there and we are not quite here anymore. There is something that will never change in itself, but at the same time we are constantly in the process of transformation. Religion, history, politics... overall I am inspired by the bizarre nature of human beings and I enjoy describing it.


The creating process is like traveling in unfamiliar places. I never know exactly what I’m doing there, but I know what I shouldn’t do there. In my artistic practice the materiality has not a high priority, but rather the tension of the visual content.


"Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times", the Asian saying goes and I love it. 


Creating the new by transforming the past is not only a pleasant and beautiful process for me, it is also an existential necessity.


To be human...  is definitely an incredible adventure.